The Cranbrook Lacrosse Association is excited to announce their new name and logo, the Cranbrook Blackwolves (ka·kin). This release marks the end of the Cranbrook Outlaws and brings in a new era with the Lacrosse club. The Cranbrook Blackwolves name and logo allow the Cranbrook Lacrosse Association to adopt many aspects, both direct and subtle, that align with the Indigenous roots of the game and to utilize a name that has much meaning within the Indigenous Community. The Wolf is a sacred animal within almost every Indigenous circle in North America. The Wolf is often thought to represent Loyalty, Strength, Strong Family Ties, Intelligence and Discipline. The Black Wolf often strikes fear because of its majestic look, and many agree that the Black Wolf is the most intimidating of all the wolves.

The Cranbrook Lacrosse Association has initiated discussions with the Ktunaxa Indigenous people to develop an understanding of the place that the Creators Game holds within our area’s history. Cranbrook Lacrosse is not only committed to the long-term development of lacrosse within our Indigenous Community, but to ensure that they seek appropriate advice on being culturally respectful and appropriate.

“It was time for our organization, that promotes and plays this beautiful Indigenous rooted game, to take the next step in honoring and respecting its history and to develop a closer relationship with the sports local stewards” commented Cranbrook Lacrosse Association president Barb Stevenson.

“ʔaq̓am is pleased to collaborate with the Cranbrook Lacrosse Association and create a meaningful partnership that will honour our ancestors and their relationships with ?amak?is Ktunaxa.” - Bonnie Harvey

The name change did not change Cranbrook’s on-floor demeanour however, again accomplishing a perfect 16-0 regular season in the RMLL Jr B Tier 2. As the only BC team in the RMLL, competing against teams from predominantly Alberta, the Cranbrook Blackwolves are excited to line-up against fellow British Columbian teams for the first time since 2019.

The Blackwolves also went undefeated in the playoffs winning the South Alberta and Alberta Provincials culminating in a Western Canada Invitational - McDonald Cup Championship!

We’re excited to have this team join our league, whom will be a probationary team for one season, should bring some highly anticipated competition and energy to our floors!