The discussion was surrounding the 2024 season initially and is taking into account a plan for the future. 

1 - It was noted & agreed that both teams will once again join forces this season. Chris and Andy will move forward at the TOJLL Governors meeting to prevent any ‘drafting of our players’ .

2 - It is NOT and never has been the intent of dissolving either the Armstrong Shamrock or the Vernon Tigers but, to combine the two teams, due to the low player numbers in general, to make a competitive team.  Hopefully, this will also help grow the game in the  local Minor lacrosse leagues.  Last season was a successful one with the team and players but, a very expensive one.

3 - Discussions and Agreements:

a - This year will move forward with combined Armstrong and Vernon teams under the Vernon Tigers banner.

b - Each team will complete a protected player list.

c - A proposal plan will be  created this season with a completion date of August 1, 2024 :

- To create a new interim team under a different name/ banner with a 3-5 year plan, the team is assumed ,at this time, be named the  North Okanagan Junior Legends, as this will be inline with the local minor lacrosse association team names.

 - This will require further information from the minor associations of North OK and Shuswap on players eventually graduating to Jr age over the next number of years - this may need (and likely should be re-visited each year to monitor changes)

  - BCLA will need to be contacted  to find out what would be required to ‘temporarily’ suspend  the Armstrong Shamrocks and Vernon Tigers teams while the new proposed interim team is in operation.

 - If this proposed plan can not be initiated or organized, prior to the following season (2025) the two teams will operate under the Armstrong Shamrocks banner.

4- The games are to be scheduled to provide games in both Armstrong and Vernon, maybe along side of minor lacrosse tournament.

5 - Getting the trip to Cranbrook done very early in the season.

6 - Future discussions are needed in regard to the Jr. B Tier 1 vs Jr. B Tier 2 designation at the TOJLL Executive level. Discussion is also, required on how we may protect our players from moving to Jr. B Tier 1 ‘IF’ we were to revert to Jr. B Tier 2. 

The team is also, looking to play a coastal Tier 2 club for an exhibition match in late March or early April, more information on this will be posted as it becomes available.

     UPDATE: Exhibition games will be April 20(7pm) & April 21(9am) versus the Valley Sturgeon at Priest Valley Arena, Vernon.

A tentative schedule is expected to be released in the front half of March.

Thank you, Let’s Go North OK! 

Harold Mann, Vernon Tigers President 

Edited by the Webmaster, Posted with permission of Chris Scabar, Vernon Tiger Governor